Meet Heidi!

I am a certified Health and Life Coach.  I trained in Mind-Body Eating Nutrition through The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and work with people on weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, body image challenges and various nutrition related health concerns.  I understand the power that cravings have, eating to fill a void, and putting on a few extra pounds.  The training I received bridges the gap between the symptoms our physical body presents and the underlying message our body is telling us through our symptom, be it with weight or lack of health.  Our emotions and reactions to life is absorbed by our body and projected outward by the symptoms we feel.

I advanced my Health Coach knowledge and skills by becoming a Certified Holistic Health Coach with Integrative Nutrition in New York.  My understanding and awareness with weight management, nutrition and the mind-body connection was enhanced.

All the training I received focuses on a holistic approach to wellness and emphasizes how personal relationships, work, exercise and spirituality are essential to building good health.

Changing my diet and lifestyle habits along with finding the right health care practitioner to work with has improved my health with adrenal fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, hormone issues, and insomnia.    


I believe we are more than just our physical body when experiencing a health concern.  There is a mind-body connection to also explore.

I will be your guide, keep you accountable and lead you towards living a more vibrant and healthy life.  Together we will discover what is holding you back and get you on track to be your fabulous self!




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